Agronomy and Agricultural Extension

M.S in Plant Pathology 1st Sem (Janu-June) 2018 10.09.2019
M.S in Genetics & Plant Breeding 1st Sem-2018 10.09.2018
M.S in Agricultural Ext. Education (1st Sem) 2018 14.08.2018
M.S in Crop Botany Final Exam-2017 02.07.2018
M.S in Crop Botany 2nd Sem (July-Dec) Exam-2017 02.07.2018
M.S in Genetics & Plant Breeding (2nd Sem)-2017
M.S in Plant Pathology 2nd Sem (July -December ) -2017 10.06.2018
M.S. in Agronomy (2nd Sem) -2017 10.06.2018
M.S in Agricultural Extension Edu.(2nd Sem)-2017 24.24.2018
M.S. in Genetics & Plant Breeding 3rd Sem-2017 15.01.2018
B.Sc. Ag. (Hons) Part-3-2017 Supplement M.S in Agricultural Ext. Education (3rd Sem) 2017 04.01.2018
B.Sc. Ag (Hons) Le-2 Sem-2-2017 10.09.2018 M.S. in Agronomy ( Thesis Sem)-2017 21.12.2017
B.Sc Ag Hons. Part-3-2017 M.S in Agricultral Ext. Education (1st Sem) -2017 06.11.2017
B.Sc. Ag. Hons. Le-1 Sem-2-2017 02.04.2018 M.S in Crop Botany 2nd Sem (July-Dec) -2016 22.10.2017
B.Sc. Ag. Hons. Level-2 Sem-1-2017 28.01.2018 M.S in Crop Botany 1st Sem (Jan-June) -2017 22.10.2017
B.Sc. ag Hons. Final-2016 Supply  06.11.2017 Agronomy 1st Sem-2017 12.10.2017
B.Sc. Ag Hons. level-1 Sem-1-2017 12.10.2017 MS in Agricul. Ext. Edu. 2nd Sem-2016 10.07.2017
B.Sc. AG Hons. Part-3- 2016 09.10.2017 MS in Genetics Plant Rreeding-2nd-Sem-2016 10.07.2017
B.Sc. Ag. Part-2-2016 22.08.2017 MS in Agricul. Exten. Edu. Thesis-Sem, 2016 12.06.2017
B.Sc. Hons. Final-2016  18.07.2017 MS-in-Agronomy-Thesis-Sem-2016 08.05.2017
Part-4-correction-2015 15.12.2016 MS in Crop-Botany-1st-sem-Jan-June-2016 31.01.2017
B.Sc. Level-1 Sem-1-2016 03.12.2016 MS-in-1st-semester-2016 07.12.2016
Final-Year Correction-2015 MS-in-Genetics-Plant Breeding-1st-sem 05.11.2016



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