University of Rajshahi

Glorious 52 years

Rajshahi University is the second largest university in the country and the highest seat of learning in the northern region. The University has crossed 52 years of its foundation opening its door for the students with a solemn promise to spread quality higher education an research on July 6,1953. Situated at the green square of Motihar, the main campus of the varsity is very close to the river Padma and three miles east from the Rajshahi city. The Foundation  of the varsity was an outcome of the demand and series of movements of the people of all strata of the city. Madar Bux, a reputed lawyer and member of then East Pakistan legislative Assembly, Abdul Hamid, a prominent educationist and sheikh Ansar Ali, a retired judge led the movements at that time. In the wake of consecutive movements the Rajshahi University Act 1953 (East Bengal Act XV of 1953) was passed by the East Pakistan provincial Assembly on March 31,1953. On July 6, Prof. Itrat Hossain Juberi, a noted educationist and the Principal of the then Rajshahi College was appointed the founder Vice Chancellor of RU and it started functioning in 1954. Since its inception six disciplines- Bengali, English, History, Law, Philosophy and Economics were introduced while the number of students was 161 including 5 female students and that of teachers was 20.

At that time academic and administrative activities were held at different building including Fullar Hostel of Rajshahi, College, historical Bara kuthi, B.B. Hindu academy, house of Mitra Mahashoy, and 18th centuries Dutch Trading house. The varsity moved to its own campus during 1961 to 1964 after construction of academic, administrative and residential Bhabans. According to Colombo plan, Australian architect G. Swani Thomas in association-With John A. Ziamanek designed the infrastructure of the university comprising about 303.80 hectres of land including Narikelbaria Agriculture unit.

In the glorious 52 years of RU a large number of students as well as scholars have obtained graduate, and postgraduate degrees from varsity. Simultaneously, with  the contributions of noted educationists and personalities like literateurs Dr Mohammad Shahidullah, Enamul Haque, Prof. Hasan Azizul Haque, Prof. Abdul Bari, Historian David cough, chief adviser  of care Government Justice M. Habibur Rahman and English writer Alex roger, Anthropologist peter Bouchy, Zohana Cork pattrick and Tapon Roy chowdhury the University has been proud. In its long history convocation was held seven times while RUCSU election was held 15 times and remained suspended for fifteen years. The University Played pioneering role in the mass upsurge of 1969, in the liberation war of 1971 and in the anti-autocratic movement of 1990. In the arena of art and culture as well as in games and sports in the country and abroad the contribution of the varsity cannot be ignored. Dr Shamsuzzoha, then Proctor and assistant professor of chemistry department embraced martyrdom on February 18, 1969 when Pakistani military opened fire of him on the main gate premises following an 11 points movement. He is the first martyred intellectual in the country. During the liberation war over 50 teachers students  and staffs sacrificed their lives to occupational forces. Due to campus violence after independence over 100 bloody clashes among the student bodies took place on the campus leaving 28 students including 4 outsiders dead over 5000 jnjured.


Now accommodation crisis is the main problem in the campus as only about 8000 seats are available in 16 halls (one under construction) against 25000 students. Apart from acute accommodation crisis, session jam, lack of modern facilities in the transport, medicare, and computer as well as Science laboratory and books in the central library are the major obstacles for students and teachers due to budget deficit and financial crisis. The university celebrated its foundation anniversary formally in 1987 and 1990 golden jubilee through a three-day ceremony from December 21 to 23, 2003 in its long history of 52 years. Marking of completion of 50 years  a golden jubilee tower was erected in the middle of RU main. gate and administration Bhaban.  Amid few problems the university considered as the most beautiful university in the country centring its natural beauty and planned decoration is now running smoothly with a mission to produce efficient manpower to  face the challenge of the new era.  

Words of Vice Chancellor 

Prof. M. Altaf Hossain

 While talking with The Bangladesh Today Professor Altaf Hossain, the Vice-Chancellor of Rajshahi University said that he will take all necessary initiatives to enhance the standard of education and eliminate session jam restoring congenial atmosphere in the campus. He also sought al out cooperation from the government, mass-media representatives, teachers, officials and students to run the varsity peacefully. Prof. In reply to a question regarding holding of long awaited RUCSU election Prof. Altaf said, it would depends on the demand of the general students and student's organizations. If there is a consensus of opinions among the students’ bodies relating to holding of election and if the atmosphere remains peaceful there will be RUCSU  election soon. Replying to another question he assured that he would try his level best to maintain peaceful  co-existence among the students bodies at the residential halls despite differences of their political ideology and affiliation. He also vowed to free the campus from terrorism and stressed the need for mutual understanding and fellowship development among the students, teachers as well as leaders and activists of different political bodies to avoid chaos and conflict. He also assured of restoring ecological balance and Bio-diversity of the campus through digging a big water reserver inside the campus and to make the Bio-logical Science Faculty as the centre of excellence.


Prof. Mamnunul Keramat

Pro-Vice Chancellor

Congenial atmosphere of study and research is very supportive, to eliminate session jam and improve the standard of education and research of a varsity. As a result, a number of departments including Law and Justice, History, Physics, Islamic History and Culture, Public Administration, Anthropology, Political Science, Library and Information Science, Computer Science and Information and Communication Technology, have been got rid of the curse of session jam. Moreover, I have already taken some steps to improve the standard of administration and academic manpower through various training  programmes including computer course, office management. The AC and Automation plan of the central library will materialized soon to provide better facilities for study and research.


M. Abdus Salam


 Now-a-days the horizon of knowledge and education is lot more extended. The students of these days know many things beyond their syllabus with the blessings of electronic print media. In this respect the students of Rajshahi University are not lagging behind using their enthusiasm and patience in higher study. Besides, the co-operative attitudes of students and teachers have been leading the varsity towards improvement of the standard of education, research and development.


Prof. Abdul Jabbar Khan 


In response to the demand budget of 102 crore for the fiscal 2005-06 UGC  has approved only 72 crore in which the UGC itself will provide about 59 crore and RU will realize 3 crore from its internal resources. Sensing the existing budget deficit of TK around 13 crore the RU  authority has formed a five-member committee with treasure Prof. Abdul Jabbar Khan as its convener to negotiate with UGC for more budgetary allocation for academic and infrastructural development.  


Prof. Shamsul Alam Sarker  


The law and order situation of the Varsity is comparatively better than couple of years before except few untoward incidents. Prevalence of congenial atmosphere at RU helps the academic  and administrative bodies to overcome the barriers of the varsity including session jam.


Zahid Hossain Milky

Student Adviser

The interpersonal relation of students and teachers has now improved a lot. Now the students get easy access to any teacher in order to solve the problems relating to academic education and extracurricular activities. In  a word, it can be said that the teachers and students are more free and frank as will as friendly than before without few exceptions.  


Prof. Abu Bakar Sddique Bhuya

Administrator, PRO

The public Relation office ( PRO) of Rajshahi University is one of the most important organs of the varsity to have updated information regarding higher education in the country and abroad. Headed by a teacher administrator the office functions under the direct control and supervision of Vice Chancellor. The office will be more effective to uphold the image of the varsity to the nation and outside world if we can solve the existing problems.  


Prof. Abdur Rahman Siddiqi

Director, TSCC

Recreation helps to remove the burden of fatigue and pressure giving mention refreshment to every people. Many social cultural organizations have grown up in and around the campus where the students and teachers get the easy access to enjoy the leisure and also can flourish their latent potentialities. TSCC helps the promising artists to  use and develop their merit in proper way and the help can be extended with completion of construction of TSCC building.


Prof. M. Nazrul Islam

RUTA President

In the evening most of the teachers of the varsity gather at the ‘Teachers Club’ well known as ‘Jubery club’ to enjoy the leisure. Alongside enjoyment the teachers share respective political thinking and ideology of parties for long. Despite difference of norms and values of party politics the teachers maintain a good relation with each. Rajshahi University Teachers Club is representative body of teachers to realize their demands and rights.


Useful Information about RUEstablished:1953   Area:303.80 Hectres  Location: Motihar, Rajshahi City, Bangladesh.   Faculties:  Arts, Law, Science, Medicine, Business Studies, Social Science, Life & Earth Science and Agriculture.   Departments (47): Arts (11); Law (1); Science (13);  Business Studies (4); Social Science (8), Life & Earth Science (5),  Agriculture (5).   Institutes: (5):  Institute of Bangladesh studies. Institute of Biological Sciences. Institute of Business Administration, Institute of Environmental Science and Institute of Education Research. Course Duration: Honors 4  years; Master 1 Year. Course System: Semester and  Annual.  Entry Requirement:  HSC  (Bangladesh) or approved equivalent.  Degrees Awarded: Honors BA, BSc,  BSS,BBA, BFA, Bpharm, LL.B. BSc Ag., BSc Fisheries.      Masters:  MA, MSc, MSS, MBA, MFA Mpharm, LLM,  Professional: MBBS, MDS.    Higher: M. Phil, MBA, MS Ph.D.    Others: Certificate in Language, Diploma in General Sericulture, Post Graduate in IT, Post Graduate Diplomas in various branches of  Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry.      Academic Buildings (9): 4 for Science, and Life & Earth Science Disciplines; 4 for Arts, Law, Social Science and Business Studies Disciplines, Surgery and Dentistry.   Residential Halls (16): 11  for male and 5 female (one is under construction) students.   Staff Strength: Teacher:  Around 1,000   Student: 25,000  (Approximately)  Officer: Near about 600  Employees: About 1,500   Supportive Facilities    Central Library, Departmental Seminar Libraries, institutes and Faculty Libraries, Barind Research Museum of Bengal Art and Heritage, Computer Centre with VSAT, and Related Cyber Communication Facilities, Numerous Research Labs, Seminar halls, Auditoriums and Transport Facilities etc.    Publications: The University Faculties, Departments & Institutes regularly research journals, monographs, seminar proceedings, textbooks etc in Bengali & English.  Recreations Facilities:  Teacher-Student Cultural Centre TSCC), Gymnasium, Swimming pool, Stadium, Indoor games facility, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis and Basketball grounds etc.

Ibrahim Hossain Mun.

President of Bangladesh Chhattra League

There is no peaceful  co-existence among the student organizations in the residential halls as the university administration has failed to ensure the situation due to pressure of a ruling student body.

The student politics in the campus has lost its grandeur and glorious past due to absence of RUCSU election for 15 year.



Nuruzzaman Likhon.

Convener Jatiyatabadi Chhattra Dal

 A Longside education and culture student politics based on merit with the capability of leadership and dedicated attitudes is very important to materialise the legal rights of the students. In the absence of RUCSU  election for 15 years the student leaders have lost their popularity to the general students in comparison to the past.


Mahbubul Alam Salehi,

President of Islami Chhattra Shibir

 Student politics should be guided to enhance and ensure the environment of education, research and other extra-curricular activities. RUCSU is a vital political hub of providing qualified leaders next DUCSU. After the with held of RUCSU election  since 1990 the student politics has came to a halt in the perspective of university.


Sushanta Sinha,

General Secretary Socialistic Chhattra Front

University is the highest seat of learning and student politics is a democratic right of a every student. But due to absence of RUCSU election for 15 years the student politics on the campus has become less effective to the general students who are the future of the nation.


Bellal Hossain, 4th year

Department of Law and Justice

 I am lucky to get admitted in the department of law and justice, as there is no session jam. But we should have modem facilities including accommodation for all, furnished library, technological facility here.


Sultana Sumi, Masters

Department of English

Rajshahi is a city of educational  and the expenditure of a student is consistent here to a middle class and lower middle class  family. The atmosphere of the university is of proud worthy except few odds and ends.


Published by:  The  Bangladesh Today 

Monday, August 8,2005

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